“…and in that moment, we became deeply lost in each other; a state of euphoria, one may call it. Our world’s were aligned and most of all, our bodies moved in sync.”


“A blissful escape, a delightful experience, your enchanting sweetheart, seductress and confidante”

Call me Yvonne, your “Tall, Tan and Lovely” African goddess based in Vancouver.

I see I’ve piqued your interest. I’ll keep my introduction short and sweet as you’ll come to find that I’m an exciting combination of many things, put into a few words; an ardent conversationalist, a breath of fresh air, an erudite, an aesthete, a lover of opulence and escaping in the moment.

An alluring silhouette that captures my long gorgeous legs and toned body are just some of my remarkable features. My soft sultry skin, deep brown eyes and luscious honey lips are sure to keep you mesmerized every time we get together and longing for more when we’re apart.

Perhaps you’ve craved a sensual escape and need a reason to experience something out of the ordinary. You seek the company of one who not only cherishes you but loves to bask in unforgettable moments with you.

Perhaps, you seek a spontaneous adventure full of indulgence and laughter. You crave stimulating conversations that last so long we almost forget how time has passed by. Allow me to be the one who explores these intriguing desires of yours.

Go ahead and send me the love note where you pour out your fondest desires then leave the rest to me, let’s relax, unwind and share timeless moments together.




A little bit more…


You can find me working out at the gym or going for a run, walking around the seawall, at a park reading a book, exploring the ever revealing locations and beautiful treasures around Squamish, cooking up favorite recipes or perfecting new ones.


I’m an unapologetic lover of indulging in anything from delectable tasting menus to favorite Hole-in-the-wall’s. Some of my favorite restaurants include: Bishops, Cuchillo, Gotham, and Eighteen 27.

For those who seek the company of a beautiful woman over a lovely meal filled with intimate conversations and a blissful private time together, I provide an array of Dinner + Dessert options to meet your needs.


I enjoy a diverse range of music from Blues, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Pop to Afro-beats. I especially connect with music from the likes of Sade, Lana Del Rey, Sampha and Dvsn.


I always cherish kindness and tokens of affection. Take a peek at wish-list page on ways to surprise me.